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The American Studies Program
at Utah State University offers students the opportunity to explore American life and cultures from interdisciplinary perspectives.

With special strengths in the American West, Canadian and Mexican Borderlands, American history, literature, and folklore, as well as creative non-fiction and studies in visual culture and the environment, the American Studies Program allows students to forge an individualized plan of coursework that crosses both geographical and intellectual boundaries. By equipping students to analyze and synthesize a broad range of cultural expressions, an American Studies degree will lay the groundwork for careers in academic or professional fields.


Undegraduate Major or Minor
in American Studies

An American Studies major or minor at USU offers students:

  • The opportunity to study culture from a variety of perspectives or disciplines:
    • Literature
    • History
    • Folklore
    • Creative Writing
    • Nature & Environment
    • Political Science
    • Sociology & Anthropology
  • The ability to plan individualized coursework around a chosen focus or theme,
  • The opportunity to work with nationally known, student-centered faculty in American Studies and Folklore,
  • The opportunity to derive global awareness through international partnerships with universities like the University of Innsbruck and the University of Leicester, and
  • The ability to participate in internships leading to job placement opportunities in a wide variety of fields or settings such as museums, law, government, state & national park services, public arts & humanities, nonprofit organizations, & academic settings. [Read More]

Graduate Program (MA or MS)

There are two tracks of study for American Studies graduate students.

Standard American Studies offers graduate courses in American literature, American history, and American civilizations with a focus on literary, social, and philosophical themes related to American culture. Students design their programs, drawing from a number of disciplines, to focus on whatever aspect of American culture interests them. Departmental strengths include western American studies and a renowned Folklore Department, which administers the Fife Folklore Archives (one of the largest folklore archives in the country) and holds the annual Fife Folklore Conference. [READ MORE]

Folklore students can have an international focus in their work. The academic folklore emphasis prepares students for teaching and researching. The public folklore emphasis prepares them for jobs in government, arts administration, and museum management. Both of these emphases allow for interdisciplinary, interdepartmental work in English, history, anthropology, sociology, geography, as well as other fields which may be germane to the student’s particular focus. [READ MORE]

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