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American Studies

American Studies is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to explore the cultures of North and South America from a range of perspectives. This program encourages students to combine, cross, and stretch conventional academic boundaries as they study the diversity and complexity of American history and cultures in local, national, and global terms.

Students in this program design their own degree plan to meet their specific interests, choosing from courses offered in a range of departments, including English, History, Political Science, Journalism and Communication Studies, Art History, Anthropology, Sociology, Communication, Environment and Society, Philosophy, Spanish, Portuguese, Religious Studies, Social Work, and others.

American Studies Undergraduate Program

The American Studies Undergraduate program offers a major (42 credits) and a minor (18 credits). For more information about the undergraduate program including curriculum requirements, courses, internships, faculty, and career opportunities, click the button below.  

AS Undergraduate Program

Folklore and American Studies Graduate Program (FAM)

The American Studies program offers a master's degree (MA, MS) in Folklore and American Studies (30 credits). For more information about the graduate program including admission and program requirements, courses, thesis options, faculty, and career opportunities, click the button below. 

FAM Graduate Program